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Closing Ceremony Programme / Schlußfeier

[ M72C : 0176 ]


The Closing Ceremony of the Games of the XXth Olympiad Munich 1972. Organised by Siegfried Perrey and artistically arranged by Franz Baur-Pantoulier

Size. 198 mm x 210 mm (7¾" x 8¼") approx

Pages. 4

Language. Multilingual: French / English / German

Design. Ian McLaren

The back cover features the logo of the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games

Info. McLaren had in mind a 'sunrise' and 'sunset' idea as an analogy of the two ceremonies. The use of colour in the Opening Ceremony programme gradually builds, symbolic of the participants entering the stadium, which is such a characteristic of the opening event. Munich '72 The Visual Output of Otl Aicher's Dept. XI, Mark Holt

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