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Olympic Relay Torch / Olympiafackel

[ M72C : 0250 ]

The Olympic torch of the 1972 Munich Games.

Gas powered steel relay torch.

Size. Height : 730mm (29") approx


Friedrich Krupp AG / Olympiagas, Hagri

Info. The torch bears the inscription “Spiele der XX Olympiad München 1972” and the Olympic rings on its handle. On a platform at the base of the combustion tube is the emblem of the Games. The torch relay. Start date: 28 July 1972, Olympia (Greece)

End date: 26 August 1972, Olympic Stadium, Munich

First torchbearer: Yiannis Kirkilessis

Last torchbearer: Günther Zahn

Number of torchbearers: Approx 6,200 Countries visited: Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia (Serbia), Hungary, Austria and Germany.

A page from the official report with illustration and info regarding the Olympic torch


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