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The Games Official Report - Book 2

[ M72C : 0016 ]


Die Spiele - Book 2/3 The Constructions. The official report of the Organising Committee for the Games of the XXth Olympiad Munich 1972

Design. Rolf Müller / Gerhard Ade / Dieter Gromann / Ralph Hinderer

Production. Walter Schwaiger

Photo contributors. Otl Aicher / Gertraud Buhler / Alfred Kern / Erik Liebermann / Gabriele Pée / Karsten de Riese / Elena Winschermann

Size. 300 mm x 280 mm x 20mm (12" x 11" x ¾") approx

Pages. 216 Language. German Info. Produced in 1973, published by proSport Verlag in 1974. Case bound with cloth covers and white foil blocked the 3-part set is housed in a plain white paper-covered slipcase.


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