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Unused Badminton Ticket / Eintrittskarte

[ M72C : 0212 ]



Badminton Ticket.

4.9.1972 - 20:00 h - Volleyball Hall, Olympic Park Very rare due to only 10,104 tickets being printed. With 730 unsaleable tickets*, 3970 sold and 5404 officially unsold.

Design Jürgen Hoffmann / Sepp Klement

Size. 148mm x 105mm (6" x 4") approx

Info. Badminton was one of two demonstration events, along with Water Skiing, at the Games. Gold medals were awarded to Indonesia, Japan and Great Britain. * Unsaleable tickets This refers partially to tickets which were distributed to short-term personnel, Munich schools, official youth camp participants etc. Some of these tickets were for seats with visual obstructions as well as standing room tickets which had to be withdrawn by order of the office for public order and safety.



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