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Vehicle Permit - Olympic Village / KFZ-Zulassung

[ M72C : 0172 ]



Vehicle Permit.

Olympic Village (OD)

Design Alfred Kern / Gertraud Bühler

Size. 210mm x 100mm (8¼" x 4") approx

Info. Front: Permission for the adjacent vehicle to enter the Olympic Park through the specified group of gates and to park on the specified parking spaces in the period from August 1 to September 10, 1972 Reverse: 1. This transit and parking permit must be attached behind the windscreen in a clearly visible place. 2. The car park is to be approached and exited via the indicated gates using the shortest possible route. 3. As far as technical services have to drive on sidewalks, this may not happen at times of massed pedestrian traffic and only at walking pace. 4. The instructions of the location services must be followed immediately. 5. This pass is not valid for road competitions. 6. Driving up to the competition sites and parking outside of the parking lots is not permitted. 1–10 Gates 21–33 Parking Places


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