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Vasarely Emblem Poster (Limited 2nd Edition)

Vasarely Emblem Poster (Limited 2nd Edition)


Original 1971 Serigraph poster.
One of Victor Vasarely's colour graduations of Coordt Von Mannstein's spiral logo.

[ 2-3 ] Very Good to Excellent - Minimal signs of age: small creasing to corners (mostly hidden once framed)

2nd (Limited to print run of 3000) © Edition Olympia 1972 GmbH 1971

990 mm x 760 mm (39" x 30") approx

- 15 colour serigraph / screen print
- Heavyweight wood free paper
- Printed in Germany by Kroll, München

* Due to the vintage nature of these items there can be some very minor signs of age.

For more information regarding the art posters editions see the case study:
Edition Olympia 1972, Munich Art Posters

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