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William of Ockham Hardback Book

William of Ockham Hardback Book


[ Wilhelm von Ockham - Das Risiko modern zu denken ]

William of Ockham - The risk of thinking modern.

Otl Aicher, Gabriele Greindl, Wilhelm Vossenkuhl

This book was created to accompany "William of Ockham" exhibition #5 in the "Explorations" series.

[ 2-3 ] Very Good to Excellent - Some minor signs of age to dust jacket / Inner pages generally in excellent condition / General signs of age, use and storage

300mm x 220mm (12" x 8¾") approx

190 pages
German language
© 1986 by Verlag Georg D.W.Callwey, Munich
Illustrated, written and edited by Otl Aicher +

In the first half of the 14th century, Munich was the center of intellectual, anti-papal emigration in Europe under the protection of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria. The philosopher and theologian William of Ockham was the brain behind this center. In addition to a number of outstanding figures of that time, Marsilius of Padua, the doctor and revolutionary political thinker at the court of Ludwig lived in Munich. At the beginning of modern times, the city had a political and intellectual importance that it did not have before and did not achieve again for a very long time. Munich owed its intellectual splendor at that time to William of Ockham.

* Due to the vintage nature of these items there can be some very minor signs of age.

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