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Unused Olympic Youth Camp Passes / Passierscheine

[ M72C : 0190 - 0201 ]



Olympisches Jugendlager passes.

Size. 148mm x 105mm ( 5¾" x 4" ) approx

Design. Alfred Kern / Gerhard Joksch / Margarethe Bodarwé Print. 3 colours

Info. The lighter colour palette was used to signify certain days of the week. MON - Light Yellow [Hellgelb] TUE - Light Blue [Hellblau] WED - Light Orange [Hellorange] THU - Light Turquoise [Helltürkis] FRI - Light Green [Hellgrün] SAT - Light Violet [Hellviolett] SUN - Light Grey [Hellgrau] Text on reverse reads: This pass is only valid in conjunction with a photo ID. The 1972 Olympic Youth Camp in Munich was intended to give the youth of the World the opportunity to attend and experience the atmosphere of the Games of the XXth Olympiad.


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