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Official Standard (Stadium) Poster

[ M72C : 0022 ]



The lead poster for The Games. The first poster designed for the Munich Games featured the new emblem and set the tone for the sports posters – The Olympiastadion had yet to be built (the tower was built in 1968), so the architectural model was photographed instead, the stadium’s roof conveyed using a pair of stockings.

Design. Otl Aicher / Rolf Müller

Print. Lithograph : 4 colours

Info. Test prints in lots of colour combinations and even with alternative images for some of the sports were produced by Gerhard Joksch and his team. Accustomed color associations were replaced by surprisingly new color values and combinations. Applied on either large areas or piecemeal they signified the typical atmosphere of each sport: the refreshing water, the expanse of the football field, the island of a fencing bout — despite every deviation from naturalistic depiction. In April 1970 the first posters for the 1972 Munich Olympics were presented to the public.

The Standard poster along with four of the sports series; Equestrian, Gymnastics, Hurdles and Sailing.

The first edition ran to 190,000 copies of which 160,000 were DIN A1 and 30,000 in DIN A0.


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