Official Standard (Stadium) Poster

[ M72C : 0022 ]



The lead poster for The Games. The first poster designed for the Munich Games featured the new emblem and set the tone for the sports posters – The Olympiastadion had yet to be built (the tower was built in 1968), so the architectural model was photographed instead, the stadium’s roof conveyed using a pair of stockings.

Design. Otl Aicher / Rolf Müller –

Print. Lithograph - 4 colours

Info. In April 1970 the first posters for the 1972 Munich Olympics were presented to the public.

The Standard poster along with four of the sports series; Equestrian, Gymnastics, Hurdles and Yachting.

The first edition ran to 190,000 copies of which 160,000 were DIN A1 and 30,000 in DIN A0.


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